The harvest period in Greece has started. Traditionally that happens in early November as timing of harvest can make all the difference as far as yield, organoleptic characteristics, shelf life, and color are concerned. As soon as the olives have been harvested they are sent to be cold pressed.

The next step is to send the olive oil to be chemically tested in order to determine if it meets current standards for extra virgin status. In particular, the oil is checked for its levels of free fatty acids and peroxide, and UV light absorbency, as well as for its level of polyphenols (anti-oxidants) as consumers have a growing interest in this number

Then the premium extra virgin olive oil rests for at least a month to smooth...

Finally, the oil is bottled by hand, labeled and boxed and sent to our logistics centre in the UK ready to beshipped worldwide.

At this stage it will be difficult to accommodate all orders due to the exquisite small premium production.

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